Author: Scotland) International Reinforced Soil Conference
Publisher: Thomas Telford
Keywords: reinforced, soil, british, geotechnical, society, organized, international, structures, proceedings, performance, conference
Number of Pages: 485
Published: 1991-10-01
List price: $200.00
ISBN-10: 0727716379
ISBN-13: 9780727716378

This volume discusses all aspects of the performance of reinforced soil structures and offers innovative design solutions to ensure the successful behaviour of these structures. It analyses the theory, design and construction influences on the performance and reinforced soil structures, providing a wealth of comparative state-of-the-art technical data.

Author: C. J. Burgoyne
Publisher: Thomas Telford Services Ltd
Keywords: reinforced, structures, concrete, plastics, fibre
Number of Pages: 1151
Published: 2001-12-01
List price: $277.00
ISBN-10: 0727730290
ISBN-13: 9780727730299

Fiber-reinforced plastics are increasingly being used as replacements for steel reinforcement in concrete structures. The reinforcement can be untensioned, or it can be in the form of prestressing tendons. It is also suitable for gluing onto the outside of a structure to improve flexural or shear performance. This book provides up-to-date research results to give engineers confidence in their design methods. Originally, it was thought that steel bars could be replaced by equivalent FRP rods, but their properties are significantly different and optimum use is made when the properties of FRP are

Publisher: International Federation for Structural Concrete (fib)
Keywords: structures, externally, reinforced, reinforcement, bonded, polymer, concrete, bulletin, report, frp, technical, design, fibre
Number of Pages: 130
Published: 2001
List price: unknow
ISBN-10: 2883940541
ISBN-13: 9782883940543

Authors:P. Fajfar, H. Krawinkler,
Publisher: Spon Press
Keywords: nonlinear, buildings, reinforced, concrete, analysis, seismic, yugoslavia, july, slovenia, workshop, design, bled
Number of Pages: 316
Published: 1990-12-31
List price: $420.00
ISBN-10: 1851667644
ISBN-13: 9781851667642

Forty scientists working in 13 different countries detail in this work the most recent advances in seismic design and performance assessment of reinforced concrete buildings. It is a valuable contribution in the mitigation of natural disasters.

Author: F.k. Kong
Publisher: Spon Press
Keywords: concrete, prestressed, reinforced
Number of Pages: 528
Published: 1998-04-02
List price: $51.99
ISBN-10: 0412384205
ISBN-13: 9780412384202

This highly successful textbook has been comprehensively revised for two main reasons: to bring the book up-to-date and make it compatible with BS8110 1985; and to take into account the increasing use made of microcomputers in civil engineering. An important chapter on microcomputer applications has been added.

Author: F K Kong
Publisher: Spon Press
Keywords: beams, concrete, reinforced
Number of Pages: 304
Published: 1998-04
List price: $380.00
ISBN-10: 0216926955
ISBN-13: 9780216926950

The contents of this book have been chosen with the following main aims: to review the present coverage of the major design codes and the CIRIA guide, and to explain the fundamental behaviour of deep beams; to provide information on design topics which are inadequately covered by the current codes and design manuals; and to give authoritative reviews of some powerful concepts and techniques for the design and analysis of deep beams.

Author: Sinha
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education
Keywords: design, concrete, reinforced, hbk, handbook
Number of Pages: 352
Published: 2002-03-28
List price: unknow
ISBN-10: 0074624121
ISBN-13: 9780074624128
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