Author: Charlotte Guillain
Publisher: Heinemann Educational Books
Keywords: environment, litter, cleaning
Number of Pages: 24
Published: 2008-03
List price: $21.50
ISBN-10: 1432908855
ISBN-13: 9781432908850

Authors:Loewen, Nancy,
Publisher: Picture Window Books
Keywords: read, readers, litter, liked, lulu, lady
Number of Pages: 24
Published: 2008-09-01
List price: $19.93
ISBN-10: 1404848843
ISBN-13: 9781404848849

Authors:Dan Greenburg, Jack E. Davis,
Publisher: Grosset & Dunlap
Keywords: litter, grandpa, files, zack
Number of Pages: 64
Published: 1996-08-06
List price: $4.99
ISBN-10: 0448412608
ISBN-13: 9780448412603

Zack wants to adopt a kitten from the local animal shelter. But what he takeshome instead is a scruffy old tomcat who not only talks, but claims to be thereincarnation of Zack’s long-departed Great-Grandpa Julius!

Authors:Björn Berg, Charles McClaugherty,
Publisher: Springer
Keywords: carbon, sequestration, formation, humus, litter, decomposition, plant
Number of Pages: 338
Published: 2007-12-18
List price: $239.00
ISBN-10: 3540749225
ISBN-13: 9783540749226

This fully revised and updated 2nd edition of Plant Litter focuses on decomposition processes in natural terrestrial systems such as boreal and temperate forests. The availability of several long-term studies from these forest types allows a more in-depth approach to the later stages of decomposition as well as to humus formation. It further briefly explores how processes are modified due to anthropogenic influences. Earlier findings are re-evaluated in light of recent research and with relevance to current areas of investigation. New concepts that modify or go beyond those already presented a

Authors:Shirlee Kalstone, John Martin,
Publisher: Howell Book House
Keywords: problem, solving, litter, successful, proven, guide, cat
Number of Pages: 120
Published: 2004-12-17
List price: $7.99
ISBN-10: 0764569368
ISBN-13: 9780764569364

Stop punishing your cat and start praising him instead! Your cat is by nature a clean, fastidious creature--so why has he stopped using the litter box? And what can you do to get him back on track? This book gives you the inside scoop on litter box protocol and how to better understand your cat’s needs so you can nip problems in the bud--or prevent them before they start. Good Cat! outlines a step-by-step retraining program for your cat that clearly explains: * How to pinpoint the cause of the problem * Why punishing your cat isn’t the answer * The pros and c

Authors:Manuel A.S. Graça, Felix Bärlocher, Mark O. Gessner,
Publisher: Springer
Keywords: practical, guide, decomposition, litter, study, methods
Number of Pages: 340
Published: 2007-09-10
List price: $109.00
ISBN-10: 140206568X
ISBN-13: 9781402065682

The primary objective of this book is to provide students and laboratory instructors at universities and professional ecologists with a broad range of established methods to study plant litter decomposition. Detailed protocols for direct use in the field or laboratory are presented in an easy to follow step-by-step format. A short introduction to each protocol reviews the ecological significance and principles of the technique and points to key references.

Author: Darby Conley
Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing
Keywords: treasury, fuzzy, lost, litter
Number of Pages: 256
Published: 2010-05-04
List price: $16.99
ISBN-10: 0740793357
ISBN-13: 9780740793356

The daily comic strip Get Fuzzy is cartoonist Darby Conley’s wry portrait of single life with pets. In the Treasury of the Lost Litter Box, the gang is back to endure the trials and tribulations typical of any family . . . more or less.At the center of the mischief is Rob Wilco, a single, mild-mannered ad executive and the guardian of Bucky and Satchel. Bucky is a temperamental cat who clearly wears the pants in their eccentric household, while Satchel is a gentle, sensitive pooch who struggles to remain neutral, almost guaranteeing he’ll wind up on the receiving end of whatever tr
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