Author: William J. Thompson
Publisher: Susquehanna University Press
Keywords: french, bibliography, study, literature, bibliographical, critical, references
Number of Pages: 424
Published: 2005-09
List price: $110.00
ISBN-10: 1575910977
ISBN-13: 9781575910970

Publisher: Susquehanna University Press
Keywords: french, bibliography, culture, study, literature
Number of Pages: 516
Published: 2008-09-30
List price: $110.00
ISBN-10: 1575911256
ISBN-13: 9781575911250

This annual "French XX Bibliography" provides the most complete listing available of books, articles, and book reviews concerned with French literature since 1885. Unique in its scope, thoroughness, and reliability of information, it has become an essential reference source in the study of modern French literature and culture. The bibliography is divided into three major divisions: general studies, author subjects (arranged alphabetically), and cinema. "Number 59" in the series contains 12,703 entries. William J. Thompson is Associate Professor of French and Undergraduate and Interdisciplinary

Author: LASTHarrap
Publisher: Webster’s New World
Keywords: french, english, dictionary, world, new, webster
Number of Pages: 880
Published: 2008-05-12
List price: $9.99
ISBN-10: 0470178264
ISBN-13: 9780470178263

A COMPACT AND EASY-TO-USE DICTIONARY FOR STUDY OR TRAVEL. Whether you’re traveling, studying, or just need a reliable reference, Webster’s New World French DIctionary offers the most practical, up-to-date content. Fully revised, it features: 70,000 references and 100,000 translations Free audio downloads with pronunciations for twenty-five key verbs Updated content that reflects today’s vocabulary and usage A guide covering basic language functions to help with everyday conversation A readable design that is

Author: Terry Pyper
Publisher: Routledge
Keywords: french, english, technology, information, dictionary
Number of Pages: 590
Published: 1989-08-22
List price: $325.00
ISBN-10: 0415002443
ISBN-13: 9780415002448

Given the recent advances in telecommunications and the fact that the French lead the field in many aspects of information technology, this will be a valuable tool for students, translators and interpreters. The author has himself worked for a number of years as a technical translator and the dictionary reflects his knowledge and practical experience. 30,000 entries in each language cover terminology used in telecommunications, electronics and computer science, and developments in related disciplines such as the design and manufacture of printed circuits and components, installation, testing,

Author: Langenscheidt Editorial
Publisher: Langenscheidt Publishers
Keywords: french, english, pocket, langenscheidt, dictionaries, dictionary
Number of Pages: 720
Published: 2005-05
List price: $13.95
ISBN-10: 1585734713
ISBN-13: 9781585734719

Langenscheidt’s Pocket Dictionary French contains over 50,000 references. It includes a wealth of colloquial and idiomatic expressions, full grammar details with examples of usage, and conjugation tables. The ideal compact reference work for everyday use.

Authors:Ralph Albanese, M. Martin Guiney,
Publisher: Yale University Press
Keywords: french, yale, studies, later, years, series, education, volume, fifty
Number of Pages: 224
Published: 2008-07-28
List price: $30.00
ISBN-10: 0300118201
ISBN-13: 9780300118209

Editors’ PrefaceI.ChronologyII. Historical PerspectivesViolaine Houdart-MérotLiterary Education in the Lycée: Crises, Continuity, and Upheaval since 1880 Martine JeyThe Literature of the Enlightenment: An Impossible Legacy for the Republican School Anne-Marie ChartierWhen French Schoolchildren were Introduced to Literature (1920-1940) Gilbert ChaitinEducation and Political Identity: The Universalist ControversyIII. Education Outside of the School, Outside of FranceRalph AlbaneseCorneille as a Cultural Icon in France from the Third Republic to Today Sabine LoucifFrench in American Unive

Authors:Marianne Chalmers, Rosalind Combley, Catherine Roux,
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Keywords: french, francais, anglais, english, dictionary, colour, oxford, plus
Number of Pages: 626
Published: 2004-01
List price: $14.45
ISBN-10: 0198609000
ISBN-13: 9780198609001

Authoritative and up-to-the-minute, this edition of the Oxford Colour French Dictionary Plus has been revised to include the very latest vocabulary, covering over 100,000 words, phrases, and translations. Packed with extra features, the dictionary includes a fascinating A-Z of life and culture in the French-speaking world, handy sample letters and emails, and helpful guidance on grammar and pronunciation, making it the perfect reference for students and holiday-makers alike. In addition, it offers word games to help improve your dictionary skills and your vocabulary, regular and irregular Fren
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