Author: Boston (Mass.). Auditing Dept
Publisher: BiblioLife
Keywords: department, auditing, report, annual
Number of Pages: 336
Published: 2008-10-09
List price: $32.99
ISBN-10: 0559199465
ISBN-13: 9780559199462

Authors:Andrew Chambers, Graham Rand,
Publisher: Wiley
Keywords: auditing, processes, business, handbook, operational
Number of Pages: 900
Published: 2010-06-21
List price: $195.00
ISBN-10: 0470744766
ISBN-13: 9780470744765

Never out of print since 1997, and substantially updated for this second edition, The Operational Auditing Handbook has earned an international reputation as a hands-on, practical manual for internal auditors and managers to enable them to carry out audits and reviews of a wide range of business activities including: Finance and accounting Sarbanes-Oxley compliance Purchasing Operations and production Marketing and sales Distribution Personnel and management development Research and development Information technology Security Envir

Authors:Karen Ginsbury, Gil Bismuth,
Publisher: Informa Healthcare
Keywords: auditing, depth, systems, guide, manufacturers, pharmaceutical, compliance, practical
Number of Pages: 408
Published: 1994-08-01
List price: $329.95
ISBN-10: 0935184600
ISBN-13: 9780935184600

Focusing on the practical aspects of GMP auditing, Compliance Auditing for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers provides a hands-on approach for performing audits - what questions to ask and what answers to expect - that will save QA professionals and department heads alike time and effort while ensuring compliance. The amount of verbiage has deliberately been kept to a minimum. The purpose of any prose is to supplement the checklists by explaining how to use them and how to determine whether responses are satisfactory. After reading this manual, readers will be able to enter any department in their c

Authors:Rick Hayes, Roger Dassen, Arnold Schilder, Philip
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Keywords: auditing, standards, international, introduction, principles
Number of Pages: 712
Published: 2004-11-25
List price: $106.67
ISBN-10: 0273684108
ISBN-13: 9780273684107

The first text fully based upon International Standards on Auditing (ISAs), this revised and updated new edition presents a structured approach to auditing principles using ISAs as its basis. More and more, ISAs are regarded as the global benchmark for auditing standards. This book describes the development and practical use of all ISAs, as well as significant national standards in different countries. In addition to dealing with these new standards, the authors explain important new developments from a regulatory point of view. Emerging conceptual developments such as strategic auditing and b

Authors:Patrick R Delaney, O. Ray Whittingto,
Publisher: Wiley
Keywords: auditing, wiley, review, cpa, examination, attestation, exam
Number of Pages: 672
Published: 1970-01-01
List price: $55.00
ISBN-10: 0470453494
ISBN-13: 9780470453490

Everything Today’s CPA Candidates Need to Pass the CPA Exam Published annually, this comprehensive four-volume paperback reviews all four parts of the CPA exam. Many of the questions are taken directly from previous CPA exams. With 3,800 multiple choice questions and more than 90 simulations, these study guides provide all the information candidates need to master in order to pass the computerized Uniform CPA Examination. Complete sample exam in auditing and attestation The most effective system available to prepare for the CPA exam-proven for over thirty years Timely-up-to-the-minute co

Author: O. Ray Whittington CPA PhD Patrick R. Delaney CP
Publisher: Wiley
Keywords: auditing, wiley, review, cpa, examination, attestation, exam
Number of Pages: 672
Published: 2007-12-04
List price: $55.00
ISBN-10: 0470135212
ISBN-13: 9780470135211

Completely revised for the new computerized CPA Exam Published annually, this comprehensive, four-volume study guide for the Certified Public Accountants (CPA) Exam arms readers with detailed outlines and study guidelines, plus skill-building problems and solutions that help them to identify, focus, and master the specific topics that need the most work. Many of the practice questions are taken from previous exams, and care is taken to ensure that they cover all the information candidates need to pass the CPA Exam. Broken down into four volumes-Regulation, Auditing and Attestation, Financial

Authors:Lawrence B. Sawyer, Mortimer A. Dittenhofer, James
Publisher: Institute of Internal Auditors, Inc.
Keywords: internal, auditing, modern, practice, sawyer
Number of Pages: 1446
Published: 2003-06-30
List price: $125.00
ISBN-10: 0894135090
ISBN-13: 9780894135095

The book that changed the internal auditing profession is ready to do it again. Sawyer’s Internal Auditing, 5th Edition provides a new global perspective that reflects the evolutionary changes in the way organizations do business including: -How the new definition of internal auditing is reshaping the profession. -What the new competency framework means to you and your organization. -Why alignment with management is essential for achieving organizational goals. -The implications of outsourcing your internal audit function. -What strategies and specialties are now apart of today’
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