Luhmann Explained: From Souls to Systems (Ideas Explained)

Author: Hans-Georg Moeller
Publisher: Open Court
Keywords: explained, ideas, systems, souls, luhmann
Number of Pages: 312
Published: 2006-08-30
List price: $39.00
ISBN-10: 0812695984
ISBN-13: 9780812695984

Book Description:

What are systems? What is society? What happens to human beings in a hypermodern world? Niklas Luhmann addressed these questions in depth. This book introduces his social systems theory which explains specific functions like economy and mass media from a cybernetic perspective, integrating various schools of thought including sociology, philosophy, and biology. Luhmann Explained explores the great thinker’s radical analysis of "world society." The book gives special attention to the present-day relevance of Luhmann’s theory with respect to globalization, electronic mass media, ethics, and new forms of protest.


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