Floriculture: Principles and Species (2nd Edition)

Authors:John M. Dole, Harold F. Wilkins
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Keywords: species, principles, floriculture
Number of Pages: 1040
Published: 2004-02-21
List price: $126.67
ISBN-10: 0130462500
ISBN-13: 9780130462503

Book Description:

Written in a consistent format to allow easy study and reference, this comprehensive guide to floriculture production covers more crop species than any other book on the market, and incorporates current and historic information from both the United States and international floriculture. This book is the most up-to-date and comprehensive title covering all species. Provides complete coverage of floriculture production, postharvest handling, and marketing as well as greenhouse and business management. Extensive, easy-to-use tables are included that list propagation techniques, production temperatures, and crop times, photoperiodic requirements for flowering, foliar nutrient levels, effective growth retardants, postharvest storage temperatures, and ethylene sensitivity of hundreds of species. Floriculture Principles and Species is a comprehensive book designed for both industry professionals and hobbyists. For the industry this book is used by producers to grow their crops, conduct their business operations, and market their products. It provides technical information for advisors, suppliers and sales staff to aid their clientele. Readers will be able to learn about the diversity and details of floriculture production.


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