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Author: Tamar Schlick
Publisher: Springer
Keywords: simulation, modeling, molecular
Number of Pages: 656
Published: 2002-08-19
List price: $109.00
ISBN-10: 038795404X
ISBN-13: 9780387954042

This book evolved from an interdisciplinary graduate course entitled Molecular Modeling developed at New York University. Its primary goal is to stimulate excitement for molecular modeling research while introducing readers to the wide range of biomolecular problems being solved by computational techniques and to those computational tools. The book is intended for beginning graduate students in medical schools and scientific fields such as biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, and computer science. Other scientists who wish to enter, or become familiar, with the field of biomolecular model

Authors:Tamar Schlick, Hin H. Gan,
Publisher: Springer
Keywords: modeling, macromolecular, methods, computational, advances
Number of Pages: 513
Published: 2002-09-17
List price: $149.00
ISBN-10: 3540437568
ISBN-13: 9783540437567

This special volume collects invited articles by participants of the Third International Workshop on Methods for Macromolecular Modeling , Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Oct. 12-14, 2000. Leading developers of methods for biomolecular simulations review advances in Monte Carlo and molecular dynamics methods, free energy computational methods, fast electrostatics (particle-mesh Ewald and fast multipole methods), mathematics, and molecular neurobiology, nucleic acid simulations, enzyme reactions, and other essential applications in biomolecular simulations. A Perspectives article by

Author: Tamar Schlick
Publisher: Springer
Keywords: interdisciplinary, applied, mathematics, guide, molecular, simulation, modeling
Number of Pages: 723
Published: 2010-08-25
List price: $84.95
ISBN-10: 1441963502
ISBN-13: 9781441963505

Very broad overview of the field intended for an interdisciplinary audience; Lively discussion of current challenges written in a colloquial style; Author is a rising star in this discipline; Suitably accessible for beginners and suitably rigorous for experts; Features extensive four-color illustrations; Appendices featuring homework assignments and reading lists complement the material in the main text

Authors:Izchak M. Schlesinger, Tamar Keren-Portnoy, Tamar Pa
Publisher: John Benjamins Pub Co
Keywords: cognitive, processing, human, dialectology, perceptual, handbook
Number of Pages: 282
Published: 2001-10-04
List price: $165.00
ISBN-10: 9027221855
ISBN-13: 9789027221858

The Handbook of Perceptual Dialectology , Volume 2, expands on the coverage of both regions and methodologies in the investigation of nonlinguists’ perceptions of language variety. New areas studied include Canada (anglophone and francophone), Cuba, Hungary, Italy, Korea, and Mali, and most prominent among the new approaches are studies of the salience of specific linguistic features in variety identification and assessment. As in Volume I, the reader will find in these chapters everything from the statistical treatment of the ratings of dialect attributes to studies of the actual discou

Author: Moritz Schlick
Publisher: Kessinger Publishing, LLC
Keywords: theory, relativity, gravitation, introduction, physics, time, contemporary, space
Number of Pages: 104
Published: 2008-02-21
List price: $19.95
ISBN-10: 0548897131
ISBN-13: 9780548897133

An authoritative early exposition of relativity theory, this reader-friendly book describes the physical doctrines of the special and general theories of relativity in terms of their philosophic significance. A clear, nonmathematical introduction to a complex subject, this book offers readers of all backgrounds a coherent and informative overview. 1920 edition.

Author: Shulamith Schlick
Publisher: CRC-Press
Keywords: applications, theory, characterization, ionomers
Number of Pages: 320
Published: 1996-03-15
List price: $234.95
ISBN-10: 0849376483
ISBN-13: 9780849376481

The molecular structure and composition of ionomers lead to a complex superposition of properties of organic chains and of polyelectrolytes. The potential use of this class of polymers in applications such as surfactants, ion selective membranes in electrochemical processes, coatings, fuel cells and batteries has sparked a vast amount of research.

Author: Christopher M. Schlick
Publisher: Springer
Keywords: honor, festschrift, professor, holger, luczak, tools, methods, engineering, ergonomics, visions, concepts, industrial
Number of Pages: 710
Published: 2009-09-02
List price: $249.00
ISBN-10: 3642012922
ISBN-13: 9783642012921

The 60th birthday of Prof. Luczak is the reason for this book. He will be honoured for his research work during the "GfA-confernece" in March 2009. This book is the correspondig "Festschrift" for him.
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