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Author: Lu-in Wang
Publisher: NYU Pre
Keywords: critical, america, series, routine, becomes, default, racism, discrimination
Number of Pages: 192
Published: 2006-01-16
List price: $45.00
ISBN-10: 0814793797
ISBN-13: 9780814793794

"A must read for students of bias, racism, discrimination, and privilege. Lu-in Wang employs readable prose and compelling examples to elucidate these complex issues. Her cutting-edge exposition, especially in the context of health care, offers the reader a deeper understanding of the unseen forces that govern daily life." --Stephanie M. Wildman, professor of law and director, Santa Clara University School of Law Center for Social Justice "Does a powerful job of explaining why and how discrimination still plays such a strong role in our society. Like all of the best legal scholarship, this ins

Author: Bin Wang
Publisher: Springer
Keywords: environmental, sciences, books, praxis, monsoon, springer, asian
Number of Pages: 844
Published: 2006-01-13
List price: $259.00
ISBN-10: 3540406107
ISBN-13: 9783540406105

Satellite observations and computing technology have advanced our understanding of the monsoon climate enormously in the last two decades. The author provides an update of the knowledge gained over this period, presenting the modern morphology and the physical principles of monsoon climate variation on all time scales ranging from intraseasonal to tectonic time scales. He brings new ideas that can be expected to markedly improve the prediction of monsoon climate, and includes contributions by experts who expand our understanding of the monsoon environment by their study of paleoclimate records

Author: Ben Wang
Publisher: CRC Pre
Keywords: systems, automation, production, processes, manufacturing, design, products, concurrent
Number of Pages: 380
Published: 1999-01-27
List price: $199.95
ISBN-10: 9056996282
ISBN-13: 9789056996284

Methods presented involve the use of simulation and modeling tools and virtual workstations in conjunction with a design environment. This allows a diverse group of researchers, manufacturers, and suppliers to work within a comprehensive network of shared knowledge. The design environment consists of engineering workstations and servers and a suite of simulation, quantitative, computational, analytical, qualitative and experimental tools. Such a design environment will allow the effective and efficient integration of complete product design, manufacturing process design, and customer satisfact

Author: Shi-fu Wang
Publisher: University of California Pre
Keywords: wing, western, story
Number of Pages: 300
Published: 1995-03-31
List price: $26.95
ISBN-10: 0520201841
ISBN-13: 9780520201842

China’s most important love comedy, Wang Shifu’s Xixiangji, or The Story of the Western Wing, is a rollicking play that chronicles the adventures of the star-crossed lovers Oriole and Student Zhang. Since its appearance in the thirteenth century, it has enjoyed unparalleled popularity. The play has given rise to innumerable sequels, parodies, and rewritings; it has influenced countless later plays, short stories, and novels and has played a crucial role in the development of drama criticism. This translation of the full and complete text of the earliest extant version is available

Authors:H.Y. Hu, Z.H. Wang,
Publisher: Springer
Keywords: delayed, feedback, systems, mechanical, controlled, dynamics
Number of Pages: 307
Published: 2002-09-17
List price: $169.00
ISBN-10: 3540437339
ISBN-13: 9783540437338

The time delays in controllers and actuators can either deteriorate or improve the dynamic performance of a controlled mechanical system. Thus, it is desirable to gain an insight into the effect of time delays on the dynamics of a practical system in its design phase. This monograph represents the recent advances in system modeling, analysis of stability, robust stability and bifurcation by using some new mathematical tools such as generalized Sturm criterion and Dixon’s resultant elimination of polynomials. The theoretical results are demonstrated through a number of examples of active

Author: Hao Wang
Publisher: The MIT Press
Keywords: philosophy, gdel, journey, logical
Number of Pages: 432
Published: 1997-01-10
List price: $58.00
ISBN-10: 0262231891
ISBN-13: 9780262231893

"Experts in mathematical logic will find this book of engrossing interest. For mere philosphers it will have a different fascination: in seeing how the achievements of a genius can seem to him to provide a firm foundation for a species of Platonism and the conviction of the superiority of minds over computers, and at the same time can encourage him to favour a quasi-Leibnizian speculative metaphysics and theology. Hao Wang records and assesses the whole with an expert and balanced reasonableness." -- Sir Peter F. Strawson, Magdalen College, Oxford Hao Wang (1921-1995) was one of the

Author: C.H. Wang
Publisher: University of California Press
Keywords: formulaic, poetry, ching, shih, study, drum
Number of Pages: 153
Published: 1974-12
List price: unknow
ISBN-10: 0520024419
ISBN-13: 9780520024410
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