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Author: Dany & Dany
Publisher: Yaoi Press
Keywords: yaoi, idol
Number of Pages: 144
Published: 2007-02-07
List price: $12.95
ISBN-10: 193366410X
ISBN-13: 9781933664101

The soul-searching artist David hires a jaded hustler named Adam to pose for a painting for him. David finds that this portrait is finally conveying the passion in his heart, and the beautiful model is stirring passion of another kind. When David acts on his impulses, Adam abandons him before he’s done with the painting. The artist is so devastated he ends up in the hospital on the brink of death.

Author: Dany & Dany
Publisher: Yaoi Press
Keywords: yaoi, wishing
Number of Pages: 144
Published: 2007-04-11
List price: $12.95
ISBN-10: 1933664126
ISBN-13: 9781933664125

Alessandro Leone is a young and brilliant actor. Luca Arcadi turned his back on his wealthy family to become a writer. Adrian Hoeg is a famous Danish theater director. Marco Amedei is a nineteen year old lead actor. The lives of these four men intertwine amid the setting of a Venice theater. They find themselves drawn into in their own drama, filled with romance, deception and anguish. It’s said the only difference between a comedy and tragedy is the ending. Will this simply be a comedy of errors? Or will the ending be filled with futile deaths?

Author: Dany & Dany
Publisher: Yaoi Press
Keywords: yaoi, anima
Number of Pages: 152
Published: 2008-12-10
List price: $12.95
ISBN-10: 1933664347
ISBN-13: 9781933664347

In a steam-punk futuristic world the beautiful dancer Danya seems too perfect and pure. He’s unlucky to have an obsessed fan who is also a cynical journalist. The reporter Patrick has good reason to hate the world, and all the people in it. He only trusts his emotionless android Ed. He’ll stalk Danya under the pretext of article research. The truth is, although Danya is the only man to ever fascinate him, Patrick can’t accept that even this beautiful dancer is not without sin and vice. Will he love him? Or expose the one secret that could destroy him?

Author: Dany Jasper
Publisher: Foris Pubns USA
Keywords: geest, linguistic, models, wim, honour, complementation, lexicon, studies, sentential
Number of Pages: 456
Published: 1989-04-01
List price: unknow
ISBN-10: 9067654159
ISBN-13: 9789067654159

Author: Sigrid Dany
Publisher: Lit Verlag
Keywords: lehre, start
Number of Pages: 235
Published: 2007
List price: unknow
ISBN-10: 3825890619
ISBN-13: 9783825890612

Author: Dany LaFerriere
Publisher: Douglas & McIntyre
Keywords: south, heading
Number of Pages: 216
Published: 2010-08-24
List price: $17.95
ISBN-10: 1553654838
ISBN-13: 9781553654834

On the sun-drenched island of Haiti in the 1970s, under the shadow of “Baby Doc” Duvalier’s notorious regime, locals eke out an existence as servants, bartenders and panderers to the white elite. Fanfan, Charlie, and Legba, aware of the draw of their adolescent, black bodies, seduce rich, middle-aged white tourists looking for respite from their colourless jobs and marriages.These “relationships” mirror the power struggle inherent in all transactions in Port-au-Prince’s seedy back streets. Heading South takes us into the world of artists, rappers, Voodoo priests, hotel owners, uptigh

Author: Dany Spencer Adam
Publisher: Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Pre
Keywords: quantitative, skills, bench, calculations, measurements, math, handbook, lab
Number of Pages: 275
Published: 2003-09-01
List price: $59.00
ISBN-10: 0879696346
ISBN-13: 9780879696344

Work at the biology bench requires an ever-increasing knowledge of mathematical methods and formulae. In Lab Math, Dany Spencer Adams has compiled the most common mathematical concepts and methods in molecular biology, and provided clear, straightforward guidance on their application to research investigations. Subjects range from basics such as scientific notation and measuring and making solutions, to more complex activities like quantifying and designing nucleic acids and analyzing protein activity. Tips on how to present mathematical data and statistical analysis are included. A reference
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